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The precious legacy of ancient Indian recognizes the human beings as an integral part of cosmos that surrounds her/his body, mind & spirit. To treat yourself after hard week why not enjoy a relaxing massage. This art has been natured & perfected with the Indian head massage. Indian Massage can vouch for the positive effects as it leaves you relaxed and invigorated at the same time. it can actually help you improve your health. Tight muscles happen for number reasons, bad posture, stress, injury, disease and more. These tight muscles can make you feel tired and sluggish but a good Indian Massage can help relieve the tension of the muscles, a good Indian Massage can help work on both these emotional and physical issues. You can ease external stresses by simply being in our peaceful dimly lit massage room. The techniques of head massage can also be combined with a shoulder massage to being relaxation to the muscles of the back, neck, shoulders, and head. Sometimes, it is also seen that a head massage helps a person to have a sound sleep and can also help in renewing brain cells

Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Fast relief if short on time
Ideal for balancing the body
Nerves from the head stimulate the body right through to the feet
Works for fatigue and cramps
Helps eliminate infections
Benefits of body massage
It is relaxing and nourishing, pacifies the doshas & relieves fatigue
Promotes blood circulation, stamina, and deep sleep
Massage oils penetrate deep into the skin, hydrating and moving toxins from the deeper tissues into the gastrointestinal tract
Soothes the nervous system and stimulates the immune system
Encourages the elimination of impurities, enhances circulation and muscle tone and completely relaxes the body and mind
Helps to facilitate the movement of fluids, including blood and lymph around the body

  • Shoulder/Foot
  • INDIAN Head massage
  • Full body massage