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Traditional Indian designs are of representations of the sun on the palm, which, in this context, is intended to represent the hands and feet. Henna in the western world is the application of as a temporary form of skin decoration, practiced mainly India

Henna on hands, feet & hair

Many women have Henna applied to their hands and feet. It is usually drawn on the palms and feet, Mehndi is a ceremonial art form which originated in ancient India. Intricate patterns of mehndi are typically applied to brides before wedding ceremonies. Mehndi decorations became fashionable in the West in the late 1990s, where they are sometimes called henna tattoos.

Some Muslims also use henna as a dye for their hair and for the beards of males .Cooling effect– If you apply regularly Henna to your hair your head will stay cool. It’s great to apply during summers and has got great antiseptic properties & Stop Dandruff and other Hair problems– Henna is a great remedy for Dandruff, Irritation of scalp and itching on head. Once you use it daily. You will realize Henna Benefits on your hair.

Henna on hands: (Price depending on size)

Henna on hairs

Bridal Henna